Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tag, now, I'm it!

What a great way to get to know some of the other gals out there whose art work we drool over, but don't know much else about. Heidi 'tagged' me and it was fun to read her replies to these questions, you can read them on her blog. You can also see her beautiful kreations there! Thanks Heidi (who is also my Bella Sistah!)!!

Ok so now I have to tell you what I was doing 10 ..... 20 ..... and 30 years ago.

Well, 10 years ago I was just going on maternity leave with my middle child, William and getting ready for the holidays (he was due 1 week before Christmas!). Victoria was almost 6 and soooo cute and sweet (too bad you can't go Jeff & I were moving into a new house and getting it ready for a 6th Birthday Party, the holidays and a new baby!

20 years ago, I just turned 18 knew everything there was to know about anything and had the world right where I wanted it! (I hadn't realized yet how dumb I was!!).

30 years ago ... I was just a baby! hahaha, I really don't even remember 30 years ago!

Well now I guess it is my turn to tag someone...hmmmmmm, how about one of new Bella Buddies, Katie Skiff! I have been chatting a bit with Katie lately and just love her to death! She's very funny, extremely supportive and makes cute cards! Thanks Heidi and Katie for being there! Love to all!

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