Thursday, December 20, 2007

Goodies from across the pond!

These are pics of 2 goodies boxes I got from my Bella Sistah, Janette (she is from the UK, the other side of the pond). The bottom picture is of package number 1 I got on Monday. There is a Clickabella, and there are some awesome embellies in the bag. I also love the darling card!! She is funny, wonderful, and a great card maker!!
The top picture is from a box I got today!! There were (I saw 'were' because most of them are gone now, yummy) some yummy Chocolates!!! These super cute sparkly brads, snowflakes, acrylic pieces (I have fallen in love with using these things!!!) and a super cute card! I almost bought this stamp, but didn't because as it was I already had mor Christmas stamps than I was able to use!! There was also a yummy smeling candle that made my whole package smell Christmas-y!! I am a HUGE Yankee candle fan!
Janette has been such a great friend! I was very lucky to get paired up with her, I have loved getting to know her! She's definitely a keeper! Too bad she lives so darn far away!!! Love ya Janetta Bettah!!! Thanks for the goodies!! Can't wait to play!!

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Susan Mac Donald said...

I so luv the whole package, + the Xmas stamp. To me, I'd do Xmas stams every day. As usual---a gorgeous blog, but the package...well, that's something worth receiving [better than a gouchi watch!]


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