Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I've Been Tagged!!

My friend Miss Katie Tagged me! So now it's my turn to share 7 things about myself.

1. I have a huge soft spot for guys that look hot in a pair of jeans (yup, this is how I found my hubby, lol)!!!!
2. I have locked my keys in the car..while it was still running...3 times in the same week!!!! AAA just laughed at me on the 3rd call!
3. I would love to have a huge house someday and open a Bed & Breakfast somewhere. I would decorate the whole house myself, and do most of the cooking!! I would also LOVE to have a huge garden where all the kids from the neighborhood (and the guests' children) could come and help me harvest the veggies, etc.
4. I love to take drives down Pacific Coast Highway, in our Jeep with the windows all zipped off...bundle up, turn up the heater and the radio and just drive!!!! With a Starbucks of course!!
5. I love quilting.
6. I love Bubble Baths!!! In an claw footed bath tub, extra deep with a huge garden window next to me...
7. I love to color!!!!!

Now to tag a few more.....
Janette Morrison (my wonderful Bella Sistah!)
Korin Southerland (she is a great lady with an awesome stamp store!!)
Cresta Woodruff (I love her stuff)
Caz (lots of creativity here!!)
Patsy (very, very cute stuff)
And you too...if you want to play! Just let me know and I'll visit you!!


Katie Skiff said...

Yeah!!! Thanks for playing.

Hey, you need to come to Montana and we can open a B&B together. My Grandpa had the perfect house for it...too bad I didn't have the money then. :(

Anonymous said...

I think we should all move closer and open one together. I am in PA. Dear hubby and I ALWAYS talk about doing a B&B one day. How funny!


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