Wednesday, March 5, 2008

4 Tag

I've been tagged by Lynn Put, thanks Lynn!

4 Jobs I've Had: Graphics Artist, Systems Analyst, Stampin Up! Demo (this is my 2nd favorite), SAHM to my 3 awesom kids (best job ever!)
4 Movies I've Seen: My top 4 favs are...Under the Tuscan Sun, The Notebook, An Affair to Remember and ??? (that's all I can think of :( ).
4 Places I've been: Cabo, Florida, Michigan, New York
4 Places I've lived: Seal Beach, CA; Long Beach, CA; Diamond Bar, CA; Irvine, CA
4 TV Programs I watch: NCIS, Criminal Minds, Ghost Wisperer, CSI.
4 Radio Shows I listen to: With satellite radio and CD, I don't listen to the regular radio much.
4 Favorite Foods: Crab legs, Steamed clams, Lasagna and my #1 fav. is Gramma's family recipe of homemade noodles & chicken!!!! Mmmmmm!
4 Places I'd Rather be: Driving down the coast in my Jeep, in a castle in Austria, at Disney World, somewhere in the snow!!!

Now it's my turn to go, Michelle Gaul & Janette Morrison, tag your it!!

1 comment:

Janette said...

Hi Tangii,

Thanks for tagging me...I have done it I think check
and see my answers thanks
Janette x


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